Save the Grassland, Save the World

Johnny Armstrong
2 min readFeb 8, 2021

Okay, maybe not the *whole* world, but it’s a good start.

Prairies and grasslands, in general, are hotspots of biodiversity — home to a vast diversity of species including plants, insects, spiders, birds, mammals, reptiles and so many others. In this regard, protecting and restoring grassland ecosystems is a way to rescue our vanishing biodiversity, and saving biodiversity is absolutely necessary for the survival of our own species.

On my personal blog, I’ve been writing for the last year about my grassland restoration work in North Louisiana, as well as some wins and adventures I’ve experienced.

I’m currently writing my second book, closely following up my novel Shadowshine: An Animal Adventure, an animal story with a strong environmental message. But the new book is about the work we’re doing on Wafer Creek Ranch (WCR) and the observations I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned.

Before my next book is launched, I wanted to re-share some of my specific work at the Ranch with updates and a few new anecdotes. I’m hoping Medium and LinkedIn can help me get closer to the folks who are as passionate about protecting biodiversity and ecosystems as I am.

Here’s a recent news interview I did after my wife and I won a conservation award for our work at WCR.

Conserving Louisiana: Makensie Hinkle interviews Johnny Armstrong

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